Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Rundown

1. My dear (skinny) friend Kelly told me where to find this absolutely fantastic guacamole mix in the store.

2. I found it, bought it, and made it on Friday night.

3. It was gone on Saturday morning. (Tom only ate 2 Tbs. of it.)

4. My skinny jeans are not traveling to Florida with us.

5. I am never speaking to Kelly again.


Swansong said...

hee hee

Fl? who what when where?

Amy said...

Hey, I may never speak to Kelly again, either. We've got guacamole in the fridge, too--for the moment.

E-mail me if you want the real deal recipe (super YUM) from my Mexican sister-in-law. You can also just cheat by adding your favorite salsa plus lots of lime and some salt and pepper to fresh avocados.

And now you may never speak to ME again! :-}

Gail said...

>>5. I am never speaking to Kelly again. >>>

Hehehe,Rebecca! :O) :O)