Wednesday, February 4, 2009

G Major Scale

I couldn't help but post this--Liesl successfully completed her C Major scale at her violin lesson last Saturday, so Miss Sharon introduced a new scale for this week. Since it took Liesl about 5-6 weeks to learn the C Major scale on the piano, I figured it would be a few weeks before she got her G Major scale right.

Mommy didn't give her enough credit: She learned it within 4 days.

The Suzuki Method is wonderful, Liesl is learning so much, so quickly, and is truly enjoying it--she actually asks me if she can practice longer or more often on most days. My own personal research shows that Suzuki has received a share of criticism by those who feel it doesn't place enough emphasis on reading music during these early stages. Miss Sharon circumvents this by teaching basic piano keyboarding skills to all of her students for this reason and a variety of others; plus, we use several other violin practice books, games, and activities along with our Suzuki books and CD's. Liesl really balked at piano at first, but now she readily sits down to the piano every day to practice her scales. A small taste of success can be so addictive!

And, in the background, always watching, always listening, and always wanting to copy her big sister, is Ava. She's next!

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Amy said...

And it looks like she's still planning on being a lefty....