Thursday, August 30, 2007

She said "Mama"

Liesl is not a big talker. This doesn't bother Tom or I, she does speak about 10 English words and has plenty of verbal "words" that only she understands. She does have a vocabulary of 100+ signs. (I have actually counted, and set up an Excel spreadsheet, dividing the signs into categories, which I update weekly. Why, yes...I AM a dork. Thank you.)

However, tonight Liesl added another word to her verbal vocabulary: "Mama." It's the first time she's ever actually said it in reference to me, though she has mouthed "mum-mum-mum-mum" in the past, I do think she was just playing with the sound. This time it really meant "that maternal parental figure that gestated me, birthed me, and nourished me." She was just out of her bath, and Daddy was putting her jammies on while I was chit-chatting with her, and Tom said, "Who is that?" while pointing to me. And out it came, and with such force and a huge grin, too: "MAMA!"

Tom almost cried--I DID cry--and we kept asking her to say it over and over, which she did. (The ecstatic reaction from both parents probably influenced the constant repetition.) So naturally I had to whip out my camera and take a picture of the event...she's actually on the verge of saying "Mama" when this shot was taken. Tom and I think it's just the cat's pajamas. (Small bit of fashion humor there.)

Life is sweet.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"What Babies Want"

During our HypnoBirthing preparations, our instructor showed us part of this DVD in class, then sent home copies for everyone to view on their own time.

I'd recommend this documentary to anyone who is planning on having a baby, be it their 1st or 10th. It was a huge eye-opener and it made sense of a lot of the difficulties we had with Liesl during her first few weeks of life. With our current birth plan in place, we are more hopeful for a peaceful, calm transition when bringing the new baby home. It is a very touching documentary, I cried several times.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Birthing Plans in place...we're really going to do this!

On Tuesday, August 14, Tom and I attended our first HypnoBirthing class. A few weeks prior, we attended the registration of the Alternative Birth Care unit at Providence Hospital--the only birthing center in our area. The paperwork is in; we are officially registered. I have been under the care of a midwife for this pregnancy--she's been absolutely terrific. While I did receive excellent care from an obstetrician during our pregnancy with Liesl, the midwife is absolutely amazing--the differences are apparent within 3 minutes of her stepping into the exam room. And finally, in the last week, I have written a deposit check to Kristen, a certified doula who will be attending our birth. It was not until I actually handed over that check that it dawned on me that we really are doing this: We are planning an unmedicated, natural, private, gentle birth.

I have had far more than my share of naysayers, and have been trying to come up with a non-confrontational way of saying, "I don't want to hear any negative views of our plans" without sounding pious or snobbish. It's tough, though...people really, really want to be "right" and will push and push (no pun intended) that their way is the "right" way. We are practicing our HypnoBirthing breathing and "homework" almost every night, and we are surrounding ourselves with positive influence and encouragement.
I'd highly recommend (but I won't push) that anyone who is considering having a baby look into midwifery, whether they are planning an unmedicated birth or not (most midwives will attend births in both Birthing Centers and in the standard Labor and Delivery ward of many hospitals.) There are very few complications in pregnancy that a midwife is not qualified to handle (we've tested THAT theory numerous times this summer), and they really treat the pregnancy as a family event.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How to tell if Liesl's godmother has been by for a visit

Amy stopped by to see her goddaughter....and left her standard calling card on the fridge magnets.

Folks, a reminder: when you invite your child's playmates over for a visit, be sure you take away any toys which may not be age-appropriate for your visitors.

(Sorry, Amy, I just had to do it. And yes, Tom got a HUGE kick out of it. )


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cool new ride

Tom rescued this trike from a curb where it was headed for the garbage. One quick surge with the power washer and it was good as new. (Our first episode of "dumpster diving." I'm so proud.....not.)

Anyway, Liesl loves her cool new ride. We took her out on our side street, which is not busy. She can't quite reach the peddles yet, but she quickly learned the sign for "bike."

WOW! Hot stuff! 8-15-07

Learned the sign for "bike" 8-15-07

Check out my caboose! 8-15-07