Friday, February 20, 2009

The Early Bird Learn

Today, we attended a very special Mom's club event, an "Explore Your World" playgroup given by my friend Kelly. The object of the playgroup was to learn about the benifits of vermicomposting for the home gardener, and the planet. Kelly prepared a very special demonstration for the kids, including a lot of hands-on activities--and later, of course, they got to see and touch the worms. :-) There was a HUGE crowd in her house, and so many questions! About 15 moms and well over 20 kids showed up. Afterwards, there were great snacks and social time for the kids and the moms.

Liesl and her buddy, Tiama, (age 6 and homeschooled) watching the presentation. The kids were REALLY into it. They all stayed very still and quiet, listening to Kelly's talk. She had lots of hands-on stuff for the kids to look at, touch, etc. I was amazed that such a large crowd of such little kids could sit still and pay attention for so long. Must've been a darned good presenter!

At the end of the demonstration, Kelly opened up both her bins so we could see the worms! The kids were FASCINATED. They couldn't tear themselves away.

Colleen with Nadeem, age 2; and Tiama, age 6, asking questions of Kelly. Julia, age 3.95, in the bottom left corner (Christine's daughter)

Christine with daughter Julia. Julia was fearless! Most of the kids were very comfortable with touching the worms (mine included.)

And what would a worm workshop/playgroup be without dirt cake? There was also lots of fruit, cheese and crackers, salsa and guacamole. But the dirt cake was the hit of the show!

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