Thursday, February 12, 2009

Liesl's 3rd Violin Recital

The February recital was last Sunday. It was a busy day, between Sunday School and the recital! She did very well, although we had a few, um, behavioral issues prior to her going up for her performance. Oh well...she's 3 and acts her age sometimes.

Here is her repertoire for the recital:

* "Blast Off Song," a game created by Miss Sharon to help her differentiate between the A and D strings (the two strings in the middle, which she often muddled together until we we started this game)
* Variation A Rhythm on all 4 strings (4 sixteenth notes followed by 2 eighth notes)
* The first line of "Twinkle Twinkle." Her first time playing a note other than an open string in a recital. She has been learning how to place the correct fingers on the correct tape of the correct string at the correct time. No pressure....

Earnestly practicing Saturday night

Hanging out with Mr. C. at the reception after the recital. Mr. C. is our violin
teacher's other adult student. She talked his ear off. Poor man....

Scoping Ava's tray for cookies, no doubt

Ava loves her portable high chair so much, she wants to sit in it at home too, while we were unloading the van.
What can I say. My kids are weird.


Cortney Ophoff said...

Hee hee, Calvin was the same way about his portable seat! In fact, we still have it out as one of our basement play toys, lol!

Shirla said...

Liesl is doing great. :) I loved the video! Ava is growing so fast!