Monday, July 30, 2007

Garden girl

Tom and I spent some time in the garden yesterday, picking (numerous) zucchini and pulling a few weeds. Liesl loves to "help" us with chores in the garden, such as weeding, harvesting, and watering. Differentiating between "weeding" and "harvesting" is going to take some time. "Watering" the garden usually means sticking little hands into flower pots and gardens after they're soaked, and then wiping the hands on whatever surface happens to be nearby--her dress, her diaper, the cat, her parents, the car....

This is just a disaster waiting to happen.....

You can see the evil plan forming in her mind....


Helping weed the garden (running back and forth between Mom and a bucket of weeds)


This is what happens when you're 19 months old and you dress yourself. Both legs are in one side of the bloomers; the pajama top just doesn't match the rest of the ensemble.

Someone call the cast of "What Not to Wear."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Skills - uploading videos and photos

Liesl playing in (and eating) the mud after I watered flowers.
Tasty! 6-12-07

Playing in (and loving) Torch Lake with Papa C. 7-22-07

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Post - Welcome to my new blog

Because I am inherently inept at keeping up with modern technology, and because I have had major difficulty in finding help with blogs from someone patient and able to speak my language (i.e., refraining from lapsing into fluent Geek-ese), I took a free blogging class at my library. Many thanks to Kevin Y. at the Farmington Community Library for teaching this class. Every time I visit our library, I remind myself not to gripe about our property taxes...our library is fanstastic.

Stay tuned: I intend to phase out my Picturetrail account and replace it with a blog.