Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kids 'n Strings

Liesl and I went to the Kids 'n Strings event at the Oak Park Jewish Community Center this afternoon. Oh, we loved it! We had such fun. It featured the Ambassador String Quintet, which was a treat for us--we have seen a few quartets, but we have not seen a double bass in person. The musicians prepared a very special interactive presentation of several pieces for us, and showed the differences in their instruments. The kids all enjoyed it and got involved, and it was fun to see the adults getting into it as well. (Myself included.) This was a rare opportunity to introduce very small children to live classical music without having to worry (too much) about their behavior, how they were shuffling in their seats, or all the noise they make.

Our favorite piece was when the quintet played several of their own special versions of "Old Mac Donald." They had a different key and a different tempo for each version...but most importantly, they had a different animal in each version that we were supposed to "listen for." The violins chirped like a bird; the viola "skittered" like tiny mouse feet; the cello "hee-hawed" like a donkey; and the bass player did an absolutely hilarious version of a cow chewing and mooing. Liesl had such a ball with that piece. I just love it when kids are so into something that they don't even know they're learning!

I was able to turn this into an event on the FAMC calendar, and got a few of our FAMC members to bring their children to the event. There were also two other students from our violin teacher's studio at the event with their parents, so we got to see a lot of familiar faces.

(And I'm fairly certain that my kid was the only Christian kid dancing to "Hava Nagila." Priceless.)

The bass playing the cow

She actually sat still and paid attention!
Yeah, it was that good!

Dancing to "Hava Nagila"

Liesl and Miriam, who coordinated the event for the JCC.
An absolute sweetheart.

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