Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Day of Sunday School

Liesl's first day at Sunday School was great! She loved it, and she really liked her teacher, Miss Ashley. She loves to spend time with other kids. Often we find ourselves in social situations where the kids are older than she is--our violin studio's next youngest student is 5, her cousins are in elementary and middle school, and most of our friends have older children--so it was nice to get Liesl into a group of kids her age. Instead of putting Ava in the nursery during Sunday School time, I decided to spend some "alone time" with her, which was really refreshing. I don't get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with my wee little one, so we had fun playing in our church's narthex and looking at books together. Tom and I have been members of our church since before we were married, and our church friends' children learn so much. To see Liesl walking into Sunday School for the first time was something I've been daydreaming about ever since I was pregnant with her. That precious little baby that I held in my arms 3 years ago is getting so big...but how wonderful it is to see her experience these simple joys and events for the first time. This, to me, is what being a family is all about.

Liesl also had her third violin recital today, and did very well. I will post about that later in the week. The girls spent more time in their dresses today than in their play clothes. Our Sunday consisted of getting up, having a family breakfast, practicing violin, bundling off to church for Sunday School, then staying for the main service; coming home, changing clothes, grabbing a quick bite of lunch, bundling everyone off for a nap; then waking everyone up from their nap early (THAT went over well--NOT!), changing clothes again, bundling off to the recital, performing, eating dinner at the potluck after the recital (which is always lots of fun, but means Mommy and Daddy have to stay pretty alert in case the girls start investigating the cookie table a little TOO closely), and going home. Phew! Bring on the Monday, we need to relax!

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