Friday, October 10, 2008

Pictures of the last few weeks

My big girl riding her bike!

An impromptu picnic at the Franklin Cider Mill


Our Raspberry Monster

Ho boy.

Such a charming sweetheart!

"I want to help."

Liesl, Julie, and Tyler

Ava in Music Class

Argh, matey! Walk (or crawl) the plank!

Liesl reading a story to Teddy Bear

My big girl!

It's hard for the adults to keep up!

My first cake for decorating class. The stars in the rainbow, as well as the bottom border, are individually piped. I obviously need to work on writing with icing, but the rest of the cake was really fun. (And tasty!)

2nd cake. The clowns were a practice in figure piping. I also practiced color striping of the pastry bag, which is how the clowns got their red and blue stripes. I didn't get to eat any of this one. It was chocolate.

My 3rd cake, which I used for my parents' birthday celebration. The roses took a lot of practice and they're still not anywhere near as neat and careful as my teacher's roses. The cake was chocolate and it was delicious!

The TREMENDOUS bake sale at the FAMC Mom 2 Mom sale (see my green cake?)

My kitchen...after my friend Julie "helped" me practice my icing roses (that is to say, she ate them when I was done making them. She kept telling me it was like a dream come true to just sit and eat icing roses. Then again, she did swipe the rose off of my piece of cake at Ava's baptism party. Right under my nose, in full view of...everybody. She's a size 6, too. Doesn't it make you SICK!??!?)


Momma M said...

Great pics. I've been thinking of you in this crazy economy and hoping everything is okay with Tom.

Shirla said...

Wonderful pics pf the girls, Rebecca they sure have grown a lot. Liesl looks like such a big girl on her bike.
Your cakes are so pretty, I love the last one with all the roses on top, it is beautiful, WTG!

Amy said...

Wow, Liesl is SO CUTE with the pigtails! And Ava looks like she's turning into (is already) a confident-headstrong-do-everything-almost-one-year-old!
Some other random comments:
1) Isn't raspberry season supposed to be in JULY? This is, um, October.
2) Call me the next time you practice your icing roses or icing whatever. Screw grading papers. I will arm wrestle Julie for the roses. And oh yeah, the cakes ARE beautiful! [Icing, icing, icing....]
3) Unrelated to your post, but I am considering buying some MSU gear as I am currently ashamed to be seen in U-M paraphenalia. Poppa will be pleased.

Robert said...

Please may I have some icing?