Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I hope your Halloween was as enjoyable as ours. Ava's caterpillar costume was second-hand, Liesl's butterfly costume was new...after I saw a "Bo-Peep and sheep" costume ensemble for a preschooler and a baby in a catalog, I of course had to go with a "theme" for the girls' costumes while they are still young enough to let me choose. :-)

We three girls were just a tad sick, and I was apprehensive about taking everybody out (including me) while we weren't up to par, but the weather turned out to be cooperative. Can't remember a nicer Halloween, and I'm glad that Daylight Savings Time got postponed--it meant we had a solid hour of daylight to trick-or-treat in.

We 3 girls are going to Grammie and Papa's house on Sunday, which is Papa's birthday. We will take the costumes with us and give G&P a bug fashion show.

Both kids were on their best behavior. Hallelujah.

The family. :-) Thanks to Dave (Ethan's Daddy) for offering to get a family photo.

Trick or Treating at Ethan's Pappa's house -- we call him "Pappa B." He lives just down the street.

Getting treats from Mrs. L. Very kind neighbors, always make a fuss over the girls. :-)
For those who have been to our house, Mrs. L. is the one across the street with the absolutely gorgeous flower gardens.

Examining the loot...90% of which they will not be allowed to eat.
(We'll have to help them with that.)

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Shirla said...

Awwww the girls look darling! :)