Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All we need now are Dirndls

My friend Christine came over yesterday to give me a hands-on tutorial with my Mei tai baby carrier. She brought her two little girls with her: Julia, age 3, and Amalie, age 9 months. (Julia and Amalie's big brother Jakob was in preschool that day. We missed you, Jakob!) Like Tom and I, Christine and her hubby Mike--both of strong German heritage as well--produce absolutely beautiful, blond, blue-eyed cherubs. All that was missing were the bobs and pigtails (though Julia made a worthy effort.) Their older brother is no exception--platinum-blond beauties, all of them.

Both babies had snoozed in their slings on their respective mommies during the visit. Liesl dearly loved the company as well, and was very sad to see them go. Come back soon, guys! And bring Jakob with you, please. :-)

(PS Christine, the Baby Hawk arrived on Thursday, and Ava and I both love it. It's a huge improvement over the Kozy. I will post pictures of Ava and I with the Baby Hawk as soon as I can get them. Thank you! :-) Now I feel like I can take both girls virtually anywhere!)
Amalie (9 months) and Ava (6 months)

"Save meeeee....."

Talk about a girlie-girl pink fest! Liesl holding Amalie, Julia (3 years) holding Ava
Everybody's got their goofy on.
You've heard of "Trading Spouses," here we have "Trading Baby Sisters."
(Don't you just want to eat them all up???)

Julia and Ava
She does such a nice job of holding Ava up...her baby sister
Amalie sits by herself, but Ava does not yet. Julia is a great big sister!

Liesl and Amalie

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