Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I felt like doing something different with Liesl today. When Ava was down for her nap, Liesl and I went outside and made goop out of cornstarch and water. I've also heard it called Oobleck. It was the first time I've made it, and it was way fun. (Now, this is really only for Liesl's amusement. I was participating only to make her feel like it was safe. Yeah, that's it...I was only involved to make Liesl feel safe. Honestly. Really.)

Needless to say, we girls had a ball making a mess on the picnic table. And cleanup was simple: Daddy got the garden hose out, and I tossed the watered-down goop into the compost pile. (I meant to see if I could seal it in a container and keep it, but Liesl got a hold of the pitcher of extra water I had and drowned it. So instead of goop, in the end we had soup. And while it's non-toxic, I wouldn't recommend tasting it.)

Fun activity, I highly recommend it...especially now that we have nice warm weather and cleanup outside is a breeze. Happy goop-making!

It really is half-solid, half-liquid. You can't possibly imagine it until you stick your hands in it
It is really cool! (Ahem...it's cool for the kids. Yes, it's a great learning and sensory
experience for the kids. Honestly, it's for the kids. Just the kids. Really.)

Just try stirring the goop...it's impossible to stir it!


Swansong said...

Tee-hee I know where you got this idea from LOL

Looks like lots of fun! I don't know if I would be brave enough to try it though. As it is sidewalk chalk makes me cringe since he ends up wearing so much of it. He has also discovered that if he colors an area enough that he can slap it and chalk dust will fly around and coat him. LOL

Jessica said...

I love that stuff. It definately is a sensory experience.
Stumbled onto your blog through Peggy.