Thursday, April 10, 2008

Man, that was some wild party

It was 4:30 and no sound from Liesl's bedroom. Her nap was
obviously raging out of control, so Ava and I went to wake her.
This is how we found her in her crib:

If only I could have captured the SNORING that was going on. She was out cold.

This is about as intelligent as her mom looks too, having just been woken up.
(The boo-boo is a result of a fall on the driveway a few days ago. Poor wittle pumpkin.)


Of course we must primp to look our best for Daddy. :-)


Julieann said...

Oh, Rebecca, the first picture had me giggleing...LOL.. She is just too cute---and what pretty blond hair.


Swansong said...

She's just adorable! I think she is a boo boo magnet huh? LOL