Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amy!

My dearest and oldest friend, Amy, turns 33 today. On her birthday, she received the most amazing gift: A teaching job. She finished her student teaching in a high school biology class last Friday, and returned to the same high school today, this time as a long-term substitute biology teacher. The teacher she is replacing for the rest of the year is leaving at the end of the summer, creating an opening for next year. This means Amy's chances of landing that job permanently are higher. Teaching jobs in Michigan are coveted by many, so having her foot in the door makes her chances that much better.

For those who don't know Amy personally, her life has been pretty chaotic these last 7 or 8 months. During the fall term she was in college full-time and working full-time, 2nd shift, for the USDA, with a nasty commute as well. She almost never saw her husband for about 4 months except when he was sleeping. She did not have one day off all week, she was either working all day (sometimes with overtime) or she was in class all day, combined with doing homework and labs. She ran herself ragged but she came out of it completely victorious. She deserves every ounce of happiness she can get!
Congratulations, Amy, and good luck! You deserve it, and those kids are lucky to have you. You are an inspiration to me!
Amy at my house playing cards with me and and petting my cat, Whinnie

It should be noted that a) Amy is very allergic to cats, which is why Whinnie loves her, b) Amy is still very kind and loving to my cat even though she is so highly allergic, c) Whinnie was helping me cheat at cards when I took this picture, and d) Whinnie is almost 19; Amy and I have been friends for 18 years. I have had Whinnie only 4 months longer than I have, well, had Amy; so Whinnie trumps Amy. Naturally.

Just thought I'd set all that info straight.

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