Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Blessing of Friends (and Beer)

We were invited to a last-minute cookout at Christine's house on Sunday afternoon. Since Tom went to help his friend at the racetrack on July 4th, we didn't have any real family celebration for Independence Day, which bummed me out a little (I love holidays and celebrations), so this was a welcome diversion. We enjoyed the company of her and her husband, Mike (and Mike's home-brewed beers!!!!!!), and their 3.5 children, as well as our mutual friends Katy and Tony with their 2 children. The kids always love to get together, and the adults actually get to have discussions about important things like beer, religion, beer, cooking, beer, potty-training, beer, running, beer, gardening, and beer.

(In case you didn't gather this: The beer was pretty darned good. Thanks to Mike's influence, I see a homebrew setup in our basement in the very near future.)

Jakob giving Ava driving lessons

It's always a proud moment for a teacher when you see your student off on his/her own

Amalie and Ava playing together...they always gravitate towards each other.
And Peter, showing those nifty wirly-gig things that they found at Target.
Of course I'm going to have to get the same toy now. Thanks a lot, Katy.
(It's for the kids. Really.)

Baby Crack Swings

The kids' table. One of them, anyway.

Enjoying dessert. We have a few picky eaters in this group (one of them is mine), but NOBODY balks at dessert. (And it's a prime conversation opportunity for adults, because the kids are busying their mouths with something other than talking, and their hands with something other than mischief.)

Little Miss Molly's driving debut (and her proud Mommy actually letting go!)

Look, boys, don't start something if you can't finish it....

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