Sunday, July 5, 2009

3 Chicks & 4 Wheels

3 years ago, when Liesl was still an infant, I almost bought a bike trailer from a neighbor at their garage sale. The problem was, he was asking way too much for it ($85), and refused to bargain. So I chose not to buy it. Turned out to be a good decision, because that season, Liesl wasn't old enough, and the following season, I was pregnant again. My midwife said bike+pregnant woman=bad idea.

And so, lo and behold, this season we were gifted with a used 2-seat bike trailer in very good condition. Free! Used, so environmentally friendly! Both kids were old/strong enough to ride in it! Score!

I finally got it cleaned up and Tom showed me how to install it onto my bike. And in went the kids, resplendent in their shiny new bike helmets. At first, I was nervous that they would beat on each other while strapped together in very close quarters, but I needn't have worried. The novelty and the fresh air distracted them (mostly) from the fact that they were literally rubbing butt cheeks the entire time.

And the trailer rides so nicely! Liesl and Ava got such a kick out of being able to ride behind me, and to watch Daddy as he zoomed by us several times. (Sandbagger. Showoff.) The seats are suspended from the top of the frame, and the tires are bicycle tires, so the jarring wasn't nearly as rough as I would have suspected. And, truthfully, being little kids--when I hit a bump, they giggled so happily and for so long, that I admit I turned around and ran over the same bump again and again several times in the ride....

It is a much harder to drag 65 pounds of kids (not to mention a few extra pounds on my behind) than it is to cycle alone. There is a slight incline in the .2 miles of our road that leads to 12 Mile Road. I have been crabbing about that *slight* incline when I was pushing Ava in the jogging stroller. Hauling both of my kids on the bike up that wimpy little hill makes pushing the jogging stroller seem like a cake walk. But it was a good workout for my behind--maybe I'll leave a few of those extra pounds on the road. And the trailer has extra space behind the seats for a bag or two of groceries. We may try to ride the bike/trailer to the grocery store sometime this week. (Then again, now that I remember what the incline is like on the way BACK from the grocery, mebbee not.)

We had so much fun with our new toy that I took them for two rides today. I guess that makes me a recycler.

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Cortney Ophoff said...

Awesome! We LOVE our burley! But the hill between here and downtown Dexter is a no go for me on a bike while pulling the kid behind (even only 30lbs of kid!) so just through the neighborhood we go... Glad you're loving it :o)