Friday, May 15, 2009

What It's All About

We had plans for today, but they were canceled. Our Farmington Area Mom's Club calender was clear for today, so I sent out an email to the whole group, letting them know we would be at Shiawassee Park today with a picnic lunch, and inviting anyone who wanted to come to join us. Liesl had been begging me to take her to the park all week, and Ava loves an opportunity to climb on anything, so away we went. It turned out that half a dozen other FAMC moms also showed up with their children, as well as picnic lunches. We all relished the chance to relax, hang out, and have some pleasant adult conversation (occasionally punctuated with things like "Has anyone seen my kid?" and "Stop shoving wood chips up your sister's nose!")

Liesl, Ava and I stayed at the park for almost 3 hours, then returned to our home, which had been neglected in our rush to pack a picnic and get to the park. (We eschewed dishes and laundry for violin practice. We may be out of clean undies, but we practiced our B♭major scale, and had sandwiches and cherries for lunch at the park. Hey, we have priorities.)

Even though the sink overfloweth with dishes (and the laundry hampers overfloweth with undies,) we are so grateful we spontaneously took the morning "off" and hung out with our friends. As I sat with my dear friend Colleen, watching our children run, shout and play, she mentioned that this was exactly what she and her family needed today. I told her I agreed, and that this was why I became a mom--to enjoy them as they enjoy themselves. The undies could wait.

I am so very grateful for the FAMC, and for a cool, quiet house to come home to. We are very, very blessed.

(Our washing machine hums along as I type this post. Clean undies on the way--another blessing--not only to us, but to those of you who will be in close proximity to us this weekend.)

Theresa shows a playful side with her son, Noah.
(Go State!!)

Liesl, Elyse (age 3), and Nadim (age 2-1/2)

My friend Tracey's 3-week old baby boy, Mattias.
Oh...those brief, precious newborn moments.

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