Monday, May 25, 2009

Break a String, Miss Sharon!

Neither Liesl nor I will be having a violin lesson this week...our teacher decided to close up shop so she could attend the Starling-DeLay Symposium on Violin Studies at Julliard this week. (As if being a participant in a master class with Itzhak Perlman, among other masters, is a reason to close her studio for week! Honestly, some people will do ANYTHING for a day off.) **

Good luck, Miss Sharon! While normal performers say "break a leg," we theatrical sign language interpreters changed it to "break a finger." So we'll change it again to "break a string." We'll be watching for updates on what you're doing during the Symposium at

We'll miss you, though...come back safely!

** Anyone reading this who doesn't know Miss Sharon personally needs to know that I am totally kidding here...this woman never sleeps. She works tirelessly with and for her students, during and outside of their private lessons and chamber music rehearsals. Tom and I--and Liesl too, I'm sure--are glad that she and her wonderful husband are also taking some time to play in New York City.

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