Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Little Linguist

Liesl has been singing her ABC's for about a month, but I have had a hard time capturing it on video. She doesn't like to "perform" like a trained monkey, and I don't blame her. So it took quite a bit of convincing to get her to sing the whole thing without cutting out. (She also really likes to watch herself on videos, so it's difficult to catch anything on camera these days...the moment it comes out, she wants to see what's in it. Mommy and Daddy didn't have that luxury before the days of digital cameras. With all the begging to see herself immediately after a shot is taken, our cheap little point-and-shoot is something of a mixed blessing!)

Anyway, here it is...the fruit of our efforts. Liesl's effort was learning and singing the song; my effort was getting her to do the whole thing completely before asking to "See. See. See." It took quite a few shoots to get her to do the whole thing without her disappearing from the frame, but you could still hear "See....see....see...." as she came around to the back of the camera.


Swansong said...

W_O_W!!! Aaron is almost 3 and he can't do that! LOL Well actually he does at daycare (i think) but he won't do it i front of me or DH. Our kid is shy in front of us- Were told after we leave him at daycare he is a totally different child. LOL

I have the shots of the belly but I don't want to post them on my blog. LOL Whaaaaaa

Swansong said...

PS I emailed the belly pics to a signs@yahoo I think that is your email (I mailed to the full thing- I just don't want to post your addy up here)

Julieann said...

Rebecca---all the videos and pictures are just LOVELY!!! Her saying the abc's are just precious--Can she sign the alphabet too? I liked hearing your voice also:)

P.S. I have the baby itch too ::giggles::

P.P.S--Crystal you have to show ALL of us the belly shots ;)