Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Mom's Prayer

We usually say a "freestyle" prayer before every nap and bedtime with both Liesl and Ava. Our nap and bedtime prayers usually include thanksgiving for the blessings we have received: for our family that loves each other, for the food in our tummies and the roof over our heads, for our wonderful friends, for the freedom in our country. Prayers can also include requests and wishes, such as safe travel for our friends and family, or the wisdom to do the right things. And lastly, prayers can include apologies and repentance for things we did or thought during the day: for loosing tempers, for thinking mean thoughts, or for becoming exasperated and sarcastic throughout the day.

Today's naptime prayer, however, was not nearly as serene. It was, "Dear God, please let Liesl and Ava take a good nap together today so Mommy doesn't lose it. Amen."

That's all she wrote. Yep, it was that kind of day.

But the kids are still very cute, and they are blessings. Challenging blessings, but nothing worth doing is ever easy, right? Here are pictures. It's a good thing they're so cute...it keeps them alive.

Liesl and the sprouts...facinating stuff, really. I've heard the word "seeds" about
10,000 times these last 5 days.

She chose the outfit herself...I swear.

Too cute to have ever given Mom a moment's trouble.
(Who does she think she's fooling?)

Both of my girls just LOVE to be naked.

Please God, don't let anyone I know see me in this outfit.


Amy said...

So, DID the girls have a good nap together? I hope so.

LOVE the cow hat.


Swansong said...

The pictures are adoradle!! Hopefully they both did nap for you nicely.

Julieann said...

They are sooo cute--and trust me, you are definately NOT alone, I have days like that too:) I love your little prayers too.