Sunday, March 30, 2008

Charlie's Soap

The Farmington Area Mom's Club general meeting this month was centered around "green" and how we can be kinder to our environment. Turns out that my county, Oakland County, Michigan, has one of the worst pollution records in the country. :-( Tom and I do our best to lessen our footprints on the environment by doing heavy recycling, using more cloth rags and bags instead of paper towels and plastic bags, composting 100% of our yard waste and kitchen scraps, buying clothes and toys from garage sales and Mom 2 Mom sales as often as possible, and, of course, by diapering with cloth diapers.

Charlie's Soap makes a terrific laundry powder that cleans efficiency and is 100% biodegradable--much more friendly for the environment. It is also cheaper than the dye-free and scent-free laundry detergents I have been using for years now. Plus, they shipped it to me for free. One Tablespoon cleans an entire washload of diapers--that's 2 days' worth of poopie, soaked diapers from a newborn AND a toddler. I still do a pre-rinse cycle of cold water with about 1/4 cup of white vinegar in my diaper washes, then I switch to a hot water/cold rinse cycle with only a Tablespoon of this stuff. Many cloth diaper websites and retailers recommend it, especially the businesses that sell only organic diapers and supplies, such as Green Mountain Diapers.

It really works! I do all of our laundry with it, it is supposed to be safe for all fabrics, even silk (though I admit, I haven't worn a silk blouse for a while now, what with maternity clothes and now baby spit-up to deal with. When I wear my silk blouses again, I will wash them in Charlie's Soap and let you all know how it went...but I'm a mother of two small munchkins, don't hold your breath, it'll be a while.)

Do consider giving Charlie's Soap a shot, even if you don't use cloth diapers. You really have nothing to loose, and the environment will be all the better for it.


Autumn said...

I am always hearing about Charlie's but have yet to try it. Have you tried Soap Nuts? Those look super fascinating to me and I hope to try some soon (I even heard you can use them in the dishwasher!)

Autumn Beck

Julieann said...

WOW!! A tablespoon?? That is amazing---I will look into it Rebecca:) I love the pictures below this one too--your girls are just darling


Julieann said...

Rebecca---I make a list and try to accomplish what I want to get to done--my downstairs has been baby proofed pretty good, so the baby does pretty good while I am cooking---I also put him in his walker and he plays in the tupperware while I am cooking---BUT, there are times, something that usually would take a short time to do, takes me all day...LOL--Babies, you never know what the day will bring you:)