Monday, January 21, 2008

Just random pictures

These are scattered pictures I've been meaning to post for a long time. Our home life is very busy right now!

Birthday princess 12-22-07

Birthday cake before....

Birthday cake during...

And birthday cake after. (The best part!)

Tummy Time! 12-6-07

Liesl and Mommy enjoying the snow 12-16-07
Mommy teaching Liesl the famous "pterodactyl walk", something Aunt Tammy and Mommy did when they were kids (ages and ages ago....)

Liesl will be darned if she'll be left out of tummy time

Tummy time for Ava 12-16-07

Liesl "feeding" her baby the only way she knows how...I've waited 2 years to get these kinds of pictures. :*)

Hopefully she learned this from watching Mommy loving on Ava

Daddy taking Liesl for a ride on his old Flexible Flyer

Liesl and Mommy watching "Curious George" (Well, Mommy's cheating and grabbing a nap, really)

Mommy loving on Ava

Ava smiling for Aunt Tammy--first smile caught on camera!

Liesl trying sauerkraut for New Year's Day dinner, a German tradition that Daddy likes to observe. You can guess her opinion, but we are very proud of her for trying it...she even took two more bites before declaring it "yuck." (Mommy can't really blame her. The insanity of eating pickled cabbage is entirely Daddy's.)

My best friend Amy came by for a visit....and here's some free adverstising for her Dad's hardware store. :-)

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