Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Easter....?

After a very cold Christmas, January 7 was an unseasonably warm (but welcome) day. We 3 girls took advantage of it by going out to play in the...mud. Still, we had a fun time, Ava included. There has been precious little fresh air in her short life.
Speak softly, but carry a big....never mind.
We haven't seen dirt for quite a while, which makes it fascinating.

A little plumber butt action going on here

It's very brave to attempt the Macarena on a rock

I just love being me!

Even Ava enjoyed the sunshine...on about 3.4 square inches of her face, anyway

Afterwards...we just have to be a little goofy and smiley. Part of our M.O.

And speaking of goofy....Mommy got to be a little bit goofy herself. It's tough being cooped up indoors for a long period of time. Fresh air tends to bring out my, uh, "character."

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