Saturday, January 26, 2008

If the shoe fits...

...find the other one, buy it, and get the heck out of there.

My best friend Amy--bless her heart--decided to use her day off to come and help me with errands. (It was even her idea!) Liesl desperately needed new shoes, but I was terrified of navigating a crowded mall with a tiny baby in a huge stroller, and with a toddler ready to fly out into any given direction. Not to mention the wind chill factor was -11◦ that day. We had a grand time...Amy helped me pick out a dress for Ava's baptism (not an actual baptism gown, but a nice, simple white dress that can be worn for other functions too), and we 4 girls all had lunch together. The outing made me realize that I had actually been smart (shut up, Amy) to postpone a 2-child outing until I had an extra pair of (adult) hands.

Now I am an odd woman (shut up again, Amy) because unlike the stereotype, I absolutely HATE to shop for shoes. In truth I hate to shop for anything. This insanity began early--just ask my sister how much fun she had shopping for bras with me when we were teenagers. (I believe she is still recovering from that migraine.) But with the extra help and comedic support of my best friend, shopping for little kids' shoes is FUN! We all had such a good time, Mommy splashed out and paid an extra $4 for shoes that have lights in them for Liesl.

Thank you, Amy!

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Amy said...

Well, we all know happens to an ACTUAL baptism gown, don't we, Liesl?

The logistics of taking a baby, toddler, and stroller to the mall are truly mind-boggling. ANY mall that is more than a single level was definitely NOT designed by a mommy.

Logistics aside, I had an absolute ball. I am so smitten with both your girls.