Friday, December 28, 2007

Lucky (or blessed)

This is our 2002 Malibu after a car wreck that I found myself in on Friday afternoon.

My car

My car again

Both the driver's and passenger's side airbags deployed
(leaving me with a lovely, broken nose)

The car that pulled out in front of me

I only had a broken nose from the airbag, a very stiff neck, and one humdinger of a headache the next morning. The other driver walked away with a ticket, nothing more. I am very angry with her, she did a stupid and selfish thing. You just don't make a left turn onto Orchard Lake Road during rush hour.

Tom is concerned that the insurance company may total the car, which would be very unfortunate for us. It's a 2002 Malibu with about 90,000 miles, but we own it, it's been paid off for years, and it's in very good running condition. We just put $2,200 transmission into it--the day before Ava was born. The car is worth far, far more to us than the monetary value that we would be paid if the insurance company decides to total it. And, being a holiday weekend, the insurance adjuster won't be going out for several days, so we won't know the answer to that question before January 3 or 4.

It could have been much, much worse, and I thank God that I did not take my kids with me on that "quick trip to the bank."


Porkchop's mommy said...

OH NO! I am soooo sorry you went thru that accident!!! It does look like it will be totaled though in my unedjumacated opinion. The plus is that you have it at a tow yard it looks like. When DH totalled my car (2 weeks after we started dating @@) I was told that by having it sit at a tow yard that the insurance adjuster will be out quicker to look since they are being charged a storage fee each day.

Healing thoughts are with you!

Yes thank god you didn't have the kiddos with you. Between making sure there ok and possible side affects and the need for new carseats would have made your life so much more difficult. Actually hopefully you didn't have carseats in the car period actually because they will need to be replaced anyway. Make sure to have insurance be aware of that.

Julieann said...

Oh Rebecca!!! Thank goodness you are okay--I am sorry this has happened to you. Please keep us posted when the insurance decides what they want to do.

((Gentle hugs))) Please, get some rest.


Jdatlas said...


I was so sorry to hear about your accident. There are too many bad drivers out there these days.

Feel better soon,