Thursday, September 13, 2007

"We don't eat toast with a spoon"

That was my refrain for most of lunchtime today. Liesl has been practicing her "big people" eating skills by using "big people" spoons. I have stopped getting the toddler spoons out for most foods, as they're useless and clearly uninteresting. Liesl's newest sign is "spoon," so she'll sign it over and over and then point to the silverware drawer. @@

Unfortunately the concept of no spoons with finger foods hasn't sunk in. See for yourself.

On another food note, I caught an advertisement for a new show on the Food Network called "The Next Iron Chef." So which chef is leaving???? It better not be Cat Cora...if so, I'm going to pull out a rare but noisy feminism card. After all, Liesl is soon to be Chef Cora's apprentice. (But no pressure or anything.) I don't call her "Iron Chef Liesl Rose" for nothin'.

(Yeah, I gave up...toast is impossible to eat with a spoon. That Mom of mine, she is right...occasionally. Don't tell her, though, it'll go to her head.)

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Julieann said...

Liesl Rose is beautiful...and smart!!!! :)