Thursday, September 6, 2007

Marshmallow Fly & Fry

Tonight our city hosted the annual Marshmallow Fly & Fry (see, I'm not making this up). Our property tax dollars at work--the marshmallows, toasting sticks and drinks are free; fixings for S'mores and hot dogs were also available. It was actually pretty fun and despite my worries about mobs of toddlers and preschoolers hyped up on sugar and wielding long sticks around a huge fire, it was very festive--lots of families and kids having a good time. Liesl was no exception. She had her first taste of toasted marshmallows (courtesy of Daddy, as Mommy didn't like to get too close to the fire in her current bloated condition) and got to play with lots of other kids. We also hung out with Lina and Ethan, our neighbors and friends--Ethan is the same age as Liesl and they really like each other. At 6:30, the Founder Festival Queen went up in the ladder of one of our fire trucks and threw 1,000 marshmallows into the crowd; which could later be turned in for bags of treats. (We declined the treat bag--Liesl didn't know any better, and frankly she'd had 4 marshmallows...that was plenty of sugar for one week, thankyouverymuch.) Nothing like a beauty queen being hoisted 200 feet in the air to throw confections on the taxpayers and their offspring to make you realize you live in a very strange world, indeed. Despite the sugar and excitement, Liesl passed out cold as soon as she hit the mattress this evening. It is an event we will put on our calendar every year.

First taste! (Charred though it was...she loved it)

Ethan's (and his mom Lina's) first taste of toasted marshmallows as well

Running out to collect the marshmallows being thrown....

....One came back laughing, the other a bit fretful

Since we haven't had enough white goo spread on us today, let's embellish that blouse
with some homemade yogurt.

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