Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thank God they've outlawed whaling

We took a few pics of Liesl and myself dressed up for church. Liesl looks like a Scottish Pillsbury Dough boy (girl) in this is one of our favorites (and I got it at a Mom 2 Mom sale for 5 bucks! What a steal!) Liesl is often pointing to my belly. It is very sweet. I feel compelled to respond every time with, "Yes, there really is a baby in there. No, Mommy hasn't been hitting Krispy Kreme recently." Anyway, here are pregnancy pics at 32 weeks. ('s getting close!) Someone please tell me why my Yahoo avatar is way cuter than I am. (And why the little girl in the stroller is so much better behaved than you-know-who.) I wouldn't DREAM of wearing pink like that--pregnant or not. And someone give me a diplomatic way to tell the assistant at my midwife's office that when I step on the scale, she needn't move the slider into the 200-pound position immediately. I've taken to pointedly moving it back to the 150-pound position without a word, and they take it from there (sometimes with a stiff attitude, but they deserve it.) Whale or not, I'm not quite there, and really have no intention of GETTING there, thankyouverymuch.

Before church last Sunday, we spent a cozy half-hour in our jammies in the family room. It was cool, so we lit our fireplace for the first time this season, and somebody is taking after her mother's habit of sitting at the fireplace and reading. And yes, we are VERY careful about her being around the fireplace--we don't take our eyes off her. She sat next to it and spoke the word "" about 5,000 times.

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Porkchop's mommy said...

Awww Your look great and Liesl is adorable as usual! As soon as I stop neing lazy I will have pictures up from Aaron's daycare. Fall with apples and everything SO CUTE!