Sunday, September 9, 2007

More cloth didie pics

These are some random shots from our "cloth didie photo shoot" today. Liesl is so proud of her cloth diapers...but she also felt the need to cover up a bit. With Daddy's shorts. (That's what I get for not putting the laundry away before she got up from her nap.)

Take a guess as to who wears the pants in this house....

Dude, we're stylin' now....

Why no, Mommy hasn't made the bed or put the laundry away yet. Thanks for pointing that out, Liesl. Now Grammie can chastise me. Thanks a TON.

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Porkchop's mommy said...

YEAH for CD's!!! :) I am playing with the idea as you probably saw in my blogs. I "know" the site you bought from as she is on the AOL Cloth diaper board as well. LOL Have you discovered allll the cute covers you can buy??? LOL has TONS

Umm yeah that thing you wanted me to keep you updated on? Per the digital test this morning PREGNANT!!! WHOO HOOO

PS. Liesl looks faboo in her cloth!