Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rebecca, Rebecca...How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our gardens are in! :-) I always breathe a sigh of relief when everything is planted...we can kick back, relax, and watch it grow.

(That is, until the weeds come in. Oh, crud.)

Our pepper garden. We showed restraint this year. Only 81 plants.
Garden plot is 25x25'.

Close-up of Tom's outstanding planning job. He measured, cut, and laid out the the landscaping fabric. We are hoping it will last several years. Weeding will be minimal this year. What a great guy.

Our front veggie garden. Corn, zucchini, cucumbers, snow peas, radishes, spinach, tomatoes, dill, cilantro, and my prized Chianti sunflowers are planted here. It will look a lot more interesting in a few weeks.
Garden plot is 25x20'

The landscaping by our back patio is really coming along. We have been adding to it slowly over the years, as time and finances permit.
The red flowers in the left forground are Liesl's "violin flowers." She and I stopped at a nursery a few weeks ago and bought them as a treat for practicing so well that week, as well as having a terrific lesson. She is terribly proud of those flowers, she planted them herself and waters them every day.

Herb garden. I also planted strawberries in here. Why? Because I'm stupid. They spread like crazy, and the birds and animals usually beat us to the fruit. But Liesl and Ava LOVE those plants.

My mature vermicomposting bin, before I harvested the castings and sorted the worms.
I harvested a full bucket of nutrient-rich castings. Here is just a handful.
That's worm poop, folks. Lots of it.

A handful of the worms that I salvaged from my bin. I set up a new bin for them, and will be starting a second bin in a month or two. They were a little teed off at me.

Those pots contain two kinds of ornamental peppers: Medusa and Black Pearl. Even though Tom started these seeds the same time as the other varieties, they are still tiny plants, which is normal for these varities. They are so cool. The peppers they produce are edible...but they're too pretty to eat.

More pictures soon...we have many flower beds planted!

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