Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Babies. Love. Babies Lovin' on Babies.

I love how babies are attracted to each other. Everywhere we go, Ava is loving on someone else's baby (whether she knows them or not, and, indeed, whether she has their consent or not.) And often, when we go out to parks or Mom's club events, little children flock to Ava and to my friends' babies.

This is my friend Tracey's 3rd son, Mattias. He is 12 weeks old. (He's just entered that delightful golden phase of babyhood--still tiny and cuddly, but smiling those toothless smiles, cooing, gurgling. Ohh...there's nothing like it.)

I realize calling Ava a "baby" is a bit of a stretch--Ava is 19 months, but she is still MY baby. And she's still so little, and cute, and very evil smart. But she looks positively HUGE next to Mattias. (And yet, he has more hair than Ava does.)

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