Friday, April 17, 2009

Smile! Climb! Swing! (Snore!)

Since our little girls are extremely active, energetic climbers, Tom and I desperately wanted a play structure/swing set for them to play on. But we don't have thousands to invest in one of the commercial sets, and we didn't feel like taking out a second mortgage on our home. We were fearing that we were out of luck.

Papa C. stepped in and saved the day. He built a play structure that he designed himself, and it was up in under a week. The girls absolutely love it, and so do we...especially when they wear themselves out so much that they are practically comatose while getting ready for bed.

Thanks, Dad!

Peek-a-boo! (Or, "Bah-booooo!", as Ava says.)

It is, after all, a "tree" house...

Smile! Ava loves the baby car swing.

Smile again! Liesl learned to accelerate the swing herself very quickly.
(De-acceleration is catching on, ironically, a bit more slowly

Going up...

Monkey girl

Swing set

Pausing for an on-board sisterly hug


Swansong said...

Awwwwww! Can I borrow Papa C? PLEASE!!! Great Grandpa is the only one with woodwork experience but as you can imagine it isn't something he can do. Sooooo NICE and what a great memories the girls will have

Cortney Ophoff said...

Your dad is awesome!!! Would he like to come to my house? ;o)

Jackie said...

What a wonderful gift. The girls are so lucky to have a Grandpa like that.