Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow Day Pictures

Snow Day, December 19
Daddy had to stay home from work that day. It was a neat way to start our winter break.

Man, those were some big piles of snow that Daddy had to shovel.
Do you like Ava's "boots?" We put two pairs of Daddy's old socks on over her warmest shoes. Worked great.

Watching little kids in the snow reminds me of how much fun it is

After 10 minutes, Ava was not so amused anymore.
It was too cold and windy for her to stay out long, so Mommy and Ava went inside soon after.

Daddy and Liesl hung out for about an hour. There was actually TOO MUCH snow to enjoy sledding that day--the old sled we have wouldn't break through the huge drifts. What a bummer!

A special treat--Liesl's first hot cocoa. Well, more like tepid cocoa.

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TronWife said...

Coming in to hot cocoa is the best part of the snow!!