Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh WILL affect YOU

GM slashes support of the arts

This is only the beginning. Soon, they're going to cut pledges and donations to other things that affect everyone, like universities, hospitals, museums.

If I hear anyone who drives a Toyota, Honda, or Nissan complain about the rising costs of things like medical care and college tuition, I'm going to scream.

I can't imagine why, in this day and age, anyone would even consider buying a foreign vehicle. The money you invest in a car is also invested in the country where it was developed, engineered, and manufactured. Think about it: Which country do you really want to invest in?


Peggy said...

A'men sister!!! Did you know the Thursday concerts in the park are sponsored by Chrysler? I would imagine those could be gone as well. The big 3 are more then just high paid management, over paid employees, everything that everyone THINKS the auto industry is. It is also the aid they give to disasters, non-profits, etc. Think about that people!!!

1 auto company under equals 2.5 million job not even including all of the trickle down to banks, accountants, medical personnel, etc.

nogm said...

We have Dodge vehicles. We will be buying used vehicles in the future. We do not have union jobs. We cannot afford NEW cars. The big 3 need to get reality based. Do you really want the President of the United States of America to fail? I thought that was only a Rush Limbaugh comment. I found it very unsettling that you posted an article from someone else that used the same language.

Rebecca said...

We have used vehicles, GM vehicles, and Chrysler vehicles too. They are all AMERICAN vehicles. You buy used vehicles? Great. So do we! Buy American used vehicles.

We don't have union jobs either. However, we know many people who do. They can't afford new cars either! Do the Big 3 need a reality check? Absolutely. But should all of the hard-working employees in the Big 3 pay the price for upper-level management mistakes?

What country do you really want to support?

I don't want the President of the United States to fail overall, and if you would look beyond your own agenda and read the basis of my post AND the linked article, you would understand that. I just don't want him to force faith-based hospitals and medical professionals who are morally opposed to abortion to perform them, or loose their licenses. You want to kill your baby? Fine. I can't stop you (yet), but don't force someone who is morally opposed to abortion (murder) to perform it. Find someone else who isn't opposed to it, and ask them to perform the abortion.

I find it interesting that you would create a Blogger account simply to post here, without telling your name or background. You must be afraid to show who you really are. I also find it interesting that you have twisted my comments to suit your own purposes. I thought only crooked politicians did that. :-)

By all means, NoGM, comment again. I do love a lively debate! :-)