Monday, December 15, 2008

"Not Me" Monday

Oh, what a week we've had! I could not believe the sheer amount of activity I was trying to cram into one week. Liesl had her first violin recital yesterday--Sunday--and it was the most amazing event. I will post more about that in a few days. The recital weekend also happened to be a master class weekend, where a special guest was performing with many of the students and co-teaching with our violin teacher. In addition to preparing for Liesl's recital, I wound up coordinating refreshment donations for a huge funeral on Saturday. And throughout the week of violin practices, baking, and phone calls/emailing about this funeral, there were 3 nice Ukrainian guys pounding the living daylights (literally) out of our roof. Yup, this was the week that the roof HAD to be replaced, to the tune of $7100. EEEK! And while I might usually impose upon the good nature of my loving parents to come and help out with this kind of chaos, they had the good sense to disappear to Hawaii for 11 days. Smart parents! Genius! Why didn't I think of that???

So, here I am, another honest (mostly), imperfect mother, fessing up:

Having offered, willingly, to bake for the funeral, violin recital, and private concert, I did not sample my goodies on a regular basis, to be sure several times during the baking process that my food was fit for human consumption. And if I had, it did not taste good at all. It was lousy, I tell you.

My house, as a result of all of these activities, is definitely not a mess. I mean, I had so much time to clean and pick up, right?

We did not eat takeout 3 times last week. Nope, not us!

I did not stick the leftover icing from a cake I baked in my freezer. I mean, that would be stupid. Better to throw it away to avoid temptation, right?

I did not skip my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday. Why would I? I was only surrounded by vast amounts of DELICIOUS chocolate and sugar all weekend.

I did not feed my children popcorn, cheese, and fruit for lunch today. And before "lunch," I did not plop them down in front of a Signing Time! video, lay on the floor next to them, cover my head with a pillow, and wish they would just go away for an hour. Nope, not me!

I did not allow our Christmas tree to stand naked, undecorated, for 7 days before insisting that Tom and I adorn it with lights.

On my way to my violin lesson last Wednesday--one of the few times in my week that I get to have uninterrupted "me" time, I did not forget all of my music, turn around, run like a madwoman back to the house to get it, and wind up 10 minutes late for my lesson anyway. (That would be idiotic!)

While these nice roofers beat the living daylights out of my roof, for 3 days, one of them did not keep pounding his hammer to the tune of "Shave and a Haircut" for about 1.5 hours. And when my future sister-in-law suggested that he may take requests, I did not stick my head out the door and ask for a little Vivaldi to spice things up. (And he did not look at me like I had three heads. If he had, it might have had something to do with the fact that he spoke absolutely no English...but then again, it might not have. Who knows?)

After three solid days of listening to the pounding on the roof--and in my head--I did not hand the children off to Tom the instant he walked into the door on Thursday and practically run to my car to get away from the house--without uttering a word.

Lastly, I am not sitting here on my freaking computer instead of getting my can into bed and getting some sleep!

'Night night.

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TronWife said...

ohh can't wait to hear about the recital!! I'm just in awe and amazed that my 13 year old can make music, but for Liesl to do it freaking fanstastic!