Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Liesl!

Liesl, just 7 days old

Everything's been different
All the day long
Lovely things have happened
Nothing has gone wrong.

Nobody has scolded me
Everyone has smiled
Isn't it delicious
To be a birthday child?
- Rose Fyleman

And now she's 3! My big girl.

Julie and Tyler were the only non-family "guests" at the party
Cousin Zach reading to Liesl, Tyler, and Papa Culver

Ava checking out Sissy's loot!

The cake I made and decorated

Watching the ever-important gift opening

Sharing cake with Aunt Tammy

Cousin Zach liked the cake too!

Playing rough-and-tumble with her cousins
(Cousin Alex, 11, is the owner of the hand coming out of the blanket....)


Shirla said...

Happy Birthday, Liesl! :)

Rebecca, the pic at the top of my post isn't my house, it's a random pic I found online.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, Tom, Liesl and Ava. :)

Megan said...

The cake looks GREAT! I'm attempting a fancy cake for A this year....we'll see what happens. LOL!

Hope L had a great bday and that you had a fab. Christmas. Merry, Merry.