Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy weeks

We've had 3 very busy weeks. Formula SAE was moved out to Michigan International Speedway this year. Tom has served on the rules committee for this competition as long as I have known him. Until this year, the competition was held at the Pontiac Silverdome, which is about a half hour from our house. MIS is about a 2-hour drive and Tom has to arrive early in the morning and stay very late at night--he was not home before midnight. Also, we all went to Cincinnati for Memorial Day weekend. Between playing "temporary single mom" while Tom was out at all hours with SAE, and planning and packing for our trip, I haven't had much time to play on the computer. And the garden is not even planted yet! What happened to those "lazy, hazy days of summer?"

I will have pictures of our Cincinnati trip and Tom's family posted soon; for now, here are some pictures of my girls.

PS Ava is 7 months old today! :-)

Papa C. reading to both of the girls
This photo looks so much like a picture of my Grandma C. reading to my sister and some of my cousins when they were very young. (I wasn't born yet at the time of the photo.) I will have to see if I can scan the photo and post it sometime. It is a very sweet picture.

Ava's first time in the highchair, 5-18-08. She loves it!
Up until now she has been in a bouncy seat during our meals. We enjoy
having family dinners with the four of us. Since she has not yet started solids,
we give Ava an empty sippy cup with handles and a "big people spoon"
to practice "eating" with during the meal.

Just too cute.

The toy stroller has taken a backseat to a toy sling. I love that she
wants to wear her "babies" as opposed to using the stroller.

Like mother, like daughter; like baby sister, like dolly.

Fingerpainting, before...

...fingerpainting, during...

...and fingerpainting, after.

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The Truth said...

That's awesome! Never thought of using my Sevylor inflatable for double purposes. For use as a play pen? That's great!