Friday, October 26, 2007

Nothing exciting, just pictures and video :-)

No real news going on here. We have had some practice labor (i.e., "false labor") going on most of the week, but my midwife says this is normal for women who've had babies before, it could go on for weeks. (GREAT.) I've had plenty of uterine surges (i.e., "contractions"), but nothing regular or strong enough to be actual labor. My doula has been by twice this week to chat and work on some relaxation techniques; she's been wonderful about learning the HypnoBirthing lingo and using this terminology instead of mainstream medical birthing vocabulary. It's been extremely helpful! We have been hitting it off very well, too, I may have a new friend when all this birthing stuff is said and done. :-)

So other than that, nothing exciting, no trips, no big events...just pics of my cute kid. :-)

Watching "The Wiggles" on a DVD I borrowed from the library.
I SO want to take her to see them in concert now....

In her "new, big-girl room." Papa C. made the table and chairs for her a long time ago. She really, really loves them. The room is quite bare, there will be a dresser, nightstand, and hutch delivered for her new room on Wednesday. Also a headboard for when she gets her "big girl bed," which we are not in a rush for. For now, Squidgie will sleep in a borrowed bassinet while Liesl keeps the crib.

Just smiling. :-) 10-24-07

Signing "toast." (Note the extremely intelligent look on her face, too.)


Amy said...

"Nothing exciting," she wrote. Talk about jinxing yourself--in the best possible way. Ava Grace made Becky eat her words less than 24 hours later. Ava is just as beautiful as her big sister was when she was born, and Becky, you were simply AMAZING. Lots of love to all four of you.

Porkchop's mommy said...

WHOOO HOOOO I just read the message on the midwife board. CONGRATS!!! Cannot wait to see pictures!!!