Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Halloween to my fellow Moms!

I just had to post these pictures. I'm a member of the Farmington Area Mom's Club. Farmington/Farmington Hills always has tons of festivals, competitions, and other family-friendly events to celebrate the current times of the year. Over the summer, the FAMC's float won second prize in the Founder's Festival parade. This is the FAMC's contribution to the town scarecrow display and competition. And yes, there really is a baby scarecrow in that sling. (That "scarecrow-ess" is one BUSY but happy Mom!)
I am sad to say I could not participate in building this lovely scarecrow family due to time and body constraints. However, once Squidgie is out and about, I will get to do more of these fun activities. The Mom's Club has been a great source of friendship and activities for both Liesl and I, we have met so many wonderful (and colorful!) moms and kids through this amazing group of ladies.

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Julieann said...

OH, I love it!!! How creative:)