Wednesday, August 26, 2009


One of the moms in our violin teacher's studio posted a YouTube video of her daughter, Kelly, rehearsing the solo in a very difficult chamber music piece. I showed it to Liesl and Ava. They were enthralled. Look at how they're not pushing each other off the chair. You just don't see that in our house very often. (It doesn't hurt that Kelly is only 7, flippin' brilliant on the violin, and that Liesl looks up to her.)

Whole-wheat pita bread baking in the oven

We had a tea party. My girls actually drank--and enjoyed--tea. I was impressed. I wouldn't touch the stuff until I was 34.

I think they were more enthralled with the novelty than the actual tea, but we had a very enjoyable tea party nonetheless.
(We ate the fresh pita bread with our tea.)

Aren't they gorgeous?
(The flowers are pretty too.)

Fresh corn on the cob from our garden.
My grandmother, a farmer's daughter who became a farmer's wife--always said that corn on the cob was best if you boiled the water and THEN went out and picked the corn, just moments before you planned to eat it. That's usually what we do.

At our homeschool co-op's pool party.
The pre-teen girls just love, love, LOVE babies, and Ava is a willing subject to their attention.

Liesl and Daddy in the big pool at the pool party

I set up a preschool-type bulletin board calendar that a teacher friend gave me. It's posted in our hallway now. This was a really fun "schooling" activity for the day.

Liesl found her birthday month with absolutely no help from me.
(Liesl picked out her clothes on this day. Notice the colors of her outfit, Aunt Karen. Thanks a LOT.)

At the Farmington Hills Annual Marshmallow Fly 'n Fry.
Ava and I sadly missed it because we weren't feeling well.
Liesl did not seem to miss us.

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