Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Torch Lake 2009

We took the girls up to see Grammie and Papa at their cottage. It was a fun weekend, filled with all of the traditional things we like to do when we go up north: Friday night fish fry at the Torch Riviera, visit Coy Mountain, hang out on the beach, go to Alden for ice cream at Higgins and eat it in the town's flower gardens, play a game of 99 with my parents (and totally kick their butts), and last but definitely not least: Date night, sans kids, for Tom and Becky. We ate Cajun at my favorite restaurant, Pearl's New Orleans Kitchen. Afterwards it is our habit to visit a favorite beach spot on Wilcox-Palmer-Shah Nature Preserve, located on the beautiful east coast of Grand Traverse Bay.

The weekend was not without it's challenges: Liesl came down with the worst case of swimmer's itch any of us have ever seen (she aptly told us she had a polka-dot butt), and Ava decided that going to bed just wasn't going to be on her agenda for a while. (The walls of the cottage are, unfortunately, not sound-proof.) However, we truly enjoyed our time with Grammie and Papa and are very thankful that we had an opportunity to visit with them...and without them.

The forest in Coy Mountain

Coy Mountain

Ava's first hike in Coy Mountain--last year she rode in the Mai Tai carrier on my back

Ferns at Coy Mountain

Maple seedlings making a lovely carpet a Coy Mountain

"I've got a slug."
"Does it talk?"
"Not really."
"Well, it's scarcely a replacement, then, is it?"

Enjoying a treat of hot chocolate on Sunday morning

Cuddling with Daddy after a long, exciting day

My favorite time of the day on Torch Lake, at about 2:00 p.m., when the sun hits the water just right. My photos will never do justice to these gorgeous shades of blue and blue-green.

Osprey nest on the left. There is one bird in the nest, and one bird on the telephone pole to the right.

Hiking at Grass River Natural Area

On the boardwalk through the swamps of Grass River Nature Area. Lots of neat plants and animals on this walk--we saw tons of dragonflies, Jack in the Pulpits, and some really cool bugs. (Really!)
Watching the eddies on Grass River
This plaque is a memorial to my uncles, Tim and Joe, who died together tragically almost 10 years ago. They loved it here so much that our families had memorial contributions made to GRNA at the time of their deaths.

The view off of the beach at Wilcox-Palmer-Shah Nature Preserve. Not the best photo, but I wanted to remember how I felt when I looked out on the bay.

This is a better shot of the beach. It's lovely, peaceful. Not many people come here...which is why we love it.
A very rare shot of Ava sleeping.

Playing on Grammie and Papa's beach. We'd have done this more than one day if it weren't for that darned swimmer's itch. Ugh!

Just hanging out after dinner


Getting ready to pick cherries with Grammie and Papa

The reason why we all heard Ava saying, "See coooooooooooooooooows" all weekend long.

"See cooooooooooows."

"See piggies, see piggies, piggies piggies piggies; oink oink oink."

Enjoying the fruits of their labor. Literally.

Liesl and Daddy coming in from a swim in the deep water

"Yo yo, homey, don't you be dissin' my chocolate."

Just not a vacation if we don't all embarrass ourselves
Alden has an annual unusual flower display competition. This year, however, the competition extended to constructing an unusual outhouse.
Some people really do have too much free time and money.

Boat ride

Captain of the ship. Do NOT try to take the wheel from her if you value your life.

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