Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Miss Sharon, from Liesl

Dear Miss Sharon,

Greetings from sunny Florida!

We are so glad you convinced us to purchase a "roll-up piano" for occasions such as these! Liesl has been working hard on her piano scales, as well as her violin study. We are finding violin practice to be even more enjoyable on vacation. With fewer pressures and responsibilities on our shoulders, we've been able to devote plenty of positive energy to our music studies.

So we have prepared a little video for you below:

If you think this is good, wait until you see--and hear--the progress she has made on her violin so far this week, too. We are so glad we toted our violins and other musical gear with us.

For Miss Sharon, and anyone else who would like a good laugh: Stay tuned to our blog for stories of approaching the TSA checkpoint station with our violin cases in tow, when our metronome, packed in the outside pocket of Becky's violin case, was jostled, turned on, and suddenly started ticking very loudly...we had a bit of explaining to do. :-)


Amy said...

Regarding the metronome starting to tick...that's even better than when I was inspecting a car at the border. I was going through the luggage in the trunk, including an opaque bag of toiletries, when something started...buzzing. I was NOT about to see what THAT was, so I handed the whole bag to the driver. It was just a shaver or electric toothbrush, but, well, there was a limit to what I was going to inspect.

Gail said...

Oh,Rebecca,OMG with the ticking! And I LOVED the video,Liesl is a lucky,talented lil person! I tried to e-mail you my real name so I could friend you at facebook,but you aren't set up to show your e-mail addy,so e-mail me !:O)