Monday, June 16, 2008

Tears of laughter and joy

I just can't get enough of these kids. They drive nuts a few (thousand) times a day,
but they just make me want to cry with how sweet, silly, and funny they are.
Couldn't you just eat them up with a spoon???

Ava's style of "applause." Oh, I just want to hug her to pieces every time she does this.

I just can't resist her when she's this cute.
(And she KNOWS it.)


Yep, Ava's shorter than me.

"OOOOOOoooo, a KITTY!"
(Whinnie is not the sharpest crayon in the box, but she still
knows enough to beat a hasty retreat.)

Sticking out her tongue is a favorite pastime

We've been imbibing in the catnip a bit much. (The catnip plant is, um, UNDER the cat.)

Enjoying their Father's Day feast--Tom smoked ribs in the smoker. They were outstanding.
That man of mine knows his way around outdoor cooking.

Enjoying a homemade pudding pop. We are reasonably sure
that at least 10% of the pudding made it into her mouth.


One Day At A Time said...

HI~I just checked out your blog, I found it with my American Sign Language link and I have to say, your daughters are precious! I have a niece who is your youngest's age-7 months-and I could just eat her up. I am a "student" interpreter, so maybe you have some wise words for me? ;)

Julieann said...

Oh, I love all the pictures, but I especially love the one with the kitty cat--that is priceless!

...and yes, I will take a spoon too:)


Swansong said...

haha too cute! I am not brave enough to let mine get THAT dirty LOL That is what daddy is for!