Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cool new ride

Tom rescued this trike from a curb where it was headed for the garbage. One quick surge with the power washer and it was good as new. (Our first episode of "dumpster diving." I'm so proud.....not.)

Anyway, Liesl loves her cool new ride. We took her out on our side street, which is not busy. She can't quite reach the peddles yet, but she quickly learned the sign for "bike."

WOW! Hot stuff! 8-15-07

Learned the sign for "bike" 8-15-07

Check out my caboose! 8-15-07

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Your daughter is a cutie. I've rescued many toys for my son from the curbside over the years. Once I got one of those climbing cubes that sell for about $150. He had fun on that thing for at least 2 years. Most recently I got one of those basketball backboards/hoops on the movable base with the pole.