Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We hope your Halloween was pleasant and safe! :-) Our little princesses charmed the neighborhood with their costumes--and antics. Liesl's dress was given to me a few years ago by a friend who has scads of little girls' clothes. It was either an Easter dress or a flower girl dress. Either way, it was free! Same with Ava's--a friend of mine gave it to me out of a box of old dance costumes that her kids use for dress-up. The girls really do like girly-girl clothes and dressing up. (I don't know where they got this...certainly not from me.)

As well as the standard trick-or-treating this evening (or, as Tom and I put it, "Go out and collect candy for Mommy and Daddy,") I took the girls to visit a local retirement home on Tuesday for a small Halloween celebration. This facility has a relationship with the Farmington Area Mom's Club--we visit as a group on holidays to give the kids and seniors a chance to interact. It's a nice way for the kids to give back to the community--simply by being cute. (And loud.)
Happy Halloween!

Trick-or-treating at the retirement home on Tuesday

The Princess is PISSED

Hanging out with their goodies

My friend's daughter J., age 6 months.

Princess partaking in post-trick-or-treating pecking

Listening to a Halloween story afterwards


After the retirement home, we dropped by our violin teacher's house to visit and show off the girls' costumes. She was in the middle of a quartet rehearsal, so we sat and listened quietly for 10 minutes. And had lollipops.
The lollipops may have had something to do with the "sitting quietly for 10 minutes" part.

Carving pumpkins

Tom/Liesl's pumpkin on the left
Becky/Ava's pumpkin on the right.
Tom's way more creative than I am.

Trick-or-treating at Mr. and Mrs. L's house

Examining the loot
We also received trick-or-treaters at our house when we were through. Liesl was in charge of answering the door and handing out candy, a task she took very seriously.
The older kids (teenagers) loved this. They adored her, and she basked in the adoration.
I've got a performer on my hands, sure as shootin'.

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Tanya said...

Rebecca, saw your post on the Black Sheep blog. . .I'm a past officer and current member who gets the feed of all comments still.

Yes, you may attend any meeting to join! Our next meeting is the second Tuesday in December--we'd love to have you join us!! In the meantime, meet up with us for social knitting if you have the time. . .I'll be at the Panera on Southfield on Monday night--we're a quiet and small group. If you're looking for a louder, rowdier group, head to the Panera on Coolidge in Troy on Tuesdays. . .a larger number of members meet there each week.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!