Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Post of Pictures

Too much going on these days to really describe everything. Here are random pictures of my lovely little girls.

Future violin soloist with her piano accompaniment
Practicing their duet
Ava's new Michigan State gear...
...and the diaper she was wearing under it. (It's blue and yellow. You do the math.)
Papa was SO PLEASED with Ava's new outfit!
The big cousins playing play-dough and hamming it up
Zach, 6-1/2; Liesl, 2-3/4; and Alex, 11Watching golf with Papa. Ava is usually not a "sit on your lap and hang" kind of baby. But with Papa C., she'll sit for hours...and she did. She and Papa hung out watching golf for a good 45 minutes. Papa has a way with babies, and Ava knows it (and loves it.)
(If he plans on developing a love of golf within Ava, he darn well better plan on financing her involvement with the sport when she gets older.)
Just happy about lunch time.
Flowers in my garden :-)
Pretty baby
At the park
Our first corn on the cob harvest, 8-23-08
She dug it!
Liesl picked this pepper...she is so proud of how she helps us in our gardens. It is only right that she get to participate in the harvests!

Waiting to have it cooked and served to her, I guess...
I found this picnic table on someone's curb, they were going to throw it away. Like a dork, I knocked on their door and asked them if I could take it. They agreed, and Tom power-washed it for Liesl today. Liesl is so pleased with the table, too. I wish I had had my video camera rolling when she first saw it, she exclaimed: "My very own picnic table!" with such awe and wonder in her voice. Tom and I just cracked up.


Shirla said...

Darling pics, Rebecca. I love the one of Ava sitting on Papa's lap and of her standing, I cant believe how fast she is growing and Liesl with her pepper, to cute. I had one of those picnic tables for my children when they were little, everyday in the summer they wanted their lunch served outside on that picnic table.

Amy said...

Dear Becky, Ava, and Dad Culver: I KNOW that certain pictures were meant for ME. Pppppbbbbbbbtttttt. Aside from those highly questionable apparel choices, the pictures are so cute. I can't believe Ava is standing up! Can't wait to see you guys again.

Peggy said...

I Dumpster Dive all the time. I love it when someone can use my stuff!

Love the MSU gear! J just got a shirt too.