Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bright days

I've lived in Michigan my entire life and I can honestly say I've always enjoyed winter...until I had two small children. It is very hard to be cooped up indoors for weeks and months with two little kids. Even going out to Bible study or the library doesn't really make me feel like we've "gotten out." It is also much harder to winter indoors with two kids than it is with one; there is a huge change in our mobility and "bundle-up-ability" between now and last year when there was only Liesl. So this weekend's (slightly) warmer weather and sunny skies were a welcome sight. We all bundled up--including Ava--and went out for a much-needed breath of fresh air both Saturday and Sunday.
Liesl just loves to bundle up and go outside.

The lack of fashion knowledge in this house is truly embarrassing

My thumbs! They've stolen my thumbs!

Liesl and our neighbor's dog, Shiloh, a Hungarian Vizsla
They are buds, they just love to "visit" each time we run
into them during walks

Liesl and Mama--warmth from coats and hugs


Heather said...

My Thursday morning Bible study is often my last link to sanity, especially if it has been raining for several days. Thanks for stopping by Home Ec 101.

Amy said...

I wish I'd had this picture of Ava when teaching genetics a couple weeks ago. She's perfect--as a peapod (and as a baby girl). Green peas? Dominant over yellow. Green pod? Recessive to yellow. Purple (OK, they're pink, so sue me) flowers? Dominant over white. Gregor Mendel would be so in love with her.

(STOP, Amy, stop! You're on VACATION this week, fer cryin' out loud....)